Ultra-light city bike, ideal companion for agile and comfortable driving.

The bicycle, formerly a leisure object, has become a real everyday object for several years. The city bike is the best way to get around our cities of tomorrow and offers a healthy and ecological alternative to urban journeys. It develops according to urban developments which facilitate its practice. And to adapt to agile and responsive everyday driving, men's and women's city bikes are designed to be increasingly lighter. Ultra light, they stand out for their reduced weight and exceptional agility.

Agility and responsiveness of ultra-light city bikes.

Ultralight city bikes offer many benefits for urban cyclists. The main advantage is their reduced weight, which makes them easier to maneuver, accelerate and climb hills. They are also faster and more responsive, which allows ideal driving in the city to avoid obstacles and save time.

The Bastille bike is a light bike in its category of large bikes to adapt to reactive urban driving and facilitate its storage and transport with you.

The importance of the choice of components.

View from the top of the Bastille bike, very light

Each component counts in the design of an ultra-light bike, it is essential to design the parts and choose their material accordingly. The frame is crucial to reducing the weight of the bike, aluminum or carbon frames are often favored for the right balance between their lightness and robustness. Bicycle components, such as the wheels, seat post , pedals and stem , must also be lightweight and durable. Multi-speed transmission systems provide greater versatility to adapt to different urban terrains.

The Bastille city bike was designed with its light weight in mind, its aluminum frame ensures its strength and flexibility, the carbon fork reduces its weight and improves its handling. Then each component was weighed to offer the best compromise between high quality and lightness.

Choose the best of both worlds.

When choosing an ultra-light city bike, it is important to be advised to have the best possible quality of components for comfortable daily use in the city, while remaining lightweight.

The use of your bike is decisive in the purchase prism (daily journey, versatility of use over longer distances, leisure bike, etc.). This will help you choose the right frame type, geometry and specific features. Then, your bike must be perfectly adjusted to your size and body shape for optimal comfort. Finally, the quality of the components chosen in the design of your bike such as the brakes, tires, saddle, is decisive in ensuring you have a safe and pleasant riding experience.

Ultra-light city bikes offer agile and comfortable riding in urban environments. Their low weight, responsiveness and ease of maneuvering make them perfect choices for cyclists who want to get around town quickly and efficiently. Bastille falls into this category of light city bikes while offering you endless possibilities of use thanks to its folding.

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