Bastille, the first folding bike with a diamond frame for optimal riding.

When choosing a bike, one of the key elements to consider is the frame. The frame plays a vital role in the stability, comfort and performance of a bike. There are several shapes of bicycle frames, each designed to meet specific needs but the diamond frame, also known as the traditional triangle frame, is one of the most commonly used frame styles for bicycles because it has many advantages.

Bastille bike folded in its most compact O position

Folding a bike without compromising on the frame: a major challenge.

Born from the meeting between a folding virtuoso and cycle experts , the Bastille bicycle folds like no other bicycle before. Folding a bike without compromise is a real challenge, especially when you want to be uncompromising on performance and riding comfort .

Each essential component had to be redesigned, including the frame, so that it could allow the bike to be folded in just a few seconds.

The Bastille frame, a unique patented folding, without equivalent.

In order to maintain its traditional triangle shape, the Bastille bicycle is articulated around its pivots like a watch mechanism. 140 components are assembled with precision using cutting-edge aeronautics bonding techniques. Its diamond shape ensures a good balance between rigidity for performance and flexibility for better comfort.

The diamond frame and its many advantages:

The diamond bike frame is one of the most commonly used styles for bicycles. We chose it because it has many advantages:

Rigidity and pedaling efficiency: The diamond offers a rigid structure that minimizes flexion during intensive pedaling. This results in better power transmission from the rider to the pedals, which improves pedaling efficiency.

Maneuverability and stability: The diamond shape provides a good balance between maneuverability and stability. It provides a precise feeling of control while maintaining the necessary stability, which is especially important during sharp turns and changes of direction.

Bastille bike diamond frame unfolded

Strength and Durability: Due to its triangular design, the diamond frame is able to withstand the loads and stresses imposed by riding on various types of terrain. It is usually made from sturdy materials such as steel, aluminum, which gives it added durability and strength. And sustainability is an important element for Bastille. Our bikes have been designed to follow you everywhere and accompany you throughout your life.

Versatility: Diamond frames are used in a wide variety of bicycle styles, such as road bikes, mountain bikes, urban bikes and many others. This makes it a versatile choice that suits many types of riders and practices.

The Bastille bike has also been designed to follow you everywhere, on short or long distances, on roads and on paths.

Classic Aesthetic: Diamond is the most iconic and traditional style of bicycle frame. Many cyclists appreciate its classic and timeless aesthetic.

A lighter, more durable aluminum frame.

Another important element when considering bicycle is its composition. The aluminum frame is one of the most popular choices for folding bikes due to its lightweight and durability. Aluminum offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making the bike easy to maneuver and transport. Additionally, aluminum is corrosion resistant, allowing it to maintain its appearance and performance even after prolonged exposure to the elements.

With its unique patented frame, the Bastille bike is the only folding bike on the market with a diamond style. This is also one of the important elements which marked the genesis of the project. Imagined alongside Cycles Victoire , French tailor-made bicycle artisans, we first designed the best possible bicycle: universal, efficient and equipped for the city. Then we folded it.

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