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Taking care of your bike.

To maintain the performance and safety of your bike, we recommend you contact a retailer for a full service twice a year or every 2000 kms.



Payments may be made by debit or credit card, 100% secure with 3D Secure.

We also offer payment in 3 instalments free of charge (when you confirm your purchase).

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For now, the Bastille bike is sold in French only and eligible for French government subsidies under the folding bike category.

We are not present in other European countries yet but the Bastille may be eligible in other countries, please check your local government subsidies policy. We will provide you with the necessary documents (purchase invoice and certificate of conformity) on delivery.

Depending on the arrangements put in place by your employer, you may also be eligible for the "sustainable mobility package".

For an online pre-order, please contact us at with any questions or cancellations.
If you wish to cancel your pre-order, please contact us and we will refund you as promptly.

The Bastille bike

We are distributed in many French cities. Find our partners near you: Our retailers

Our models are approved in accordance with standard 0926-NC: ISO 4210-2C, which states that the maximum permissible overall weight is 120 kg, including rider and all equipment.

Our bike weighs 15.2 kg in 3-speed configuration. 15.7 kg in 7-speed configuration. This makes it a lightweight traditional bike with large wheels.

Size when unfolded: H97.4cm x W172cm x D60cm.
Folding size in the "O position": H73 x W91cm x D33cm.

For more information about the bike frame geometry when unfolded, please have a look at the following diagram.

For the moment, we are launching a single model in a single colour, but the Bastille story is only just beginning.

The belt drive is cleaner (no lubricant required), lighter, silent and durable. Ideal for urban cycling.

A range of accessories will soon be available online and from our retailers.

The Bastille bike is fitted with a Sturmey Archer integrated 3-speed or Shimano Nexus integrated 7-speed rear hub. This mechanism prevents derailment and allows you to shift gears when stationary.

Choose the efficiency of a 3-speed configuration. A bike with an optimum weight, designed for city riding and daily commuting.

Or choose the performance of a 7-speed configuration, to handle longer distances with varied elevation.

The Bastille bike comes in 4 configurations to fit everyone needs.

Straight or raised handlebars. Choose straight handlebars for a dynamic, responsive riding position. Or raised handlebars for greater comfort and a more upright position.

7-speed or 3-speed hub. Choose the performance of a 7-speed configuration, to handle longer distances with varied elevation. Or the efficiency of a 3-speed configuration. A bike with an optimum weight, designed for city riding and daily commuting.

Yes, the seat post has a conventional clamp, so you can attach another saddle to the rails if you wish.


The Bastille is delivered fully assembled in its packaging and is ready to ride. All you have to do is unfold it, referring to the owner’s manual, and adjust your saddle height.
A key to adjust the saddle is supplied in the welcome pack.

Delivery is free in mainland France, Corsica and Monaco.
If you require delivery outside these areas, please contact us at for more information.

The Bastille bike is folded inside the box for easier delivery.
Here are the dimensions of the packaging: H87.5cm x L79cm x D40cm.

A cover is supplied with the bike, specially designed for the Bastille. It protects the bike when it is transported in the boot of a car, on a train or stored indoors.

Using your bike

The Bastille bike goes everywhere with you and can still be rolled when folded. However, it is imperative that you only roll it forwards. Otherwise, you could damage components if it is rolled backwards.

The Bastille is a versatile bike, primarily suited to the urban environment, but it can also be used for rides in the forest, in a park or on slightly stony paths.

We have a single size with a height-adjustable saddle, which allows our bikes to fit people from 1m65 to 1m90. Should you wish to modify your riding position, we also suggest a range of handlebars available via our network of partners.

Yes, you can replace the handlebars with one of the models recommended by BASTILLE. Simply be aware that your Bastille may be slightly less compact when folded. We therefore invite you to contact an approved retailer to help you choose the right one for you.

Yes, you can change certain "standard" components if you wish (saddle, grips, pedals, tyres, etc.). Check with an authorised retailer that the component you are installing is compatible with the bike’s specifications.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to fold and unfold your bike in less than ten seconds.

The Bastille travels everywhere with you, even on the train. In its most compact folded configuration, its dimensions are 91 cm x 71.2 cm, making it compliant with railway company requirements.

In addition, the Bastille comes with a cover to protect it during your travels. Thanks to the "T" folding position, you will not have to carry it most of the time. This configuration allows you to roll the Bastille by pulling it along, like a suitcase.

The Bastille comes in 2 configurations: flat and riser handlebars. Choose flat handlebars for a dynamic riding position and responsive control. Or choose higher handlebars for greater comfort.
For more information, contact us at or contact a specialist retailer.

By its very nature, the Bastille can be folded and stored by your side so that it does not get stolen.

However, if necessary, you can park it outside for a short while, securing it with a reliable padlock. We advise you to secure your unfolded Bastille by putting your padlock through the rear triangle of the frame, rather than through the front triangle or around the horizontal tube.

Maintenance and servicing

The frequency of servicing depends very much on how often you use your bike.

We strongly recommend that you have your bike serviced at least twice a year to prevent wear on certain parts, or to readjust certain settings (belt tension, hydraulic brake bleeding, tyre pressure, wheel spokes tension, etc.).

We recommend that you have these standard maintenance operations carried out by one of our authorised retailers.

Most spare parts can be purchased from our retailers. For Bastille-specific parts, we have a stock of parts that can be dispatched at short notice if required.

  • The bike is not approved for steam cleaning, high-pressure cleaning or cleaning with a hose.
  • You should clean the bike with a damp cloth.
  • If you ever need to dismount the wheels from the bike, when mounting them back, make sure to tighten the front wheel to a torque of 10 Nm and the rear wheel to a torque of 35 Nm.
  • Brake pads are wearing parts and they must be replaced regularly. Only replace them with compatible pads.
  • Tyres are wearing parts and they must be replaced regularly. Only use size 42-584 tyres. If the inner tubes need replacing, use size 40-584 inner tubes.
  • The drive belt on this bike does not require any lubrication. Make sure that the belt is always clean to prevent premature wear.

The Bastille is fitted with Continental Contact Urban 42-584 tyres (27.5" x 1.6"). We recommend that you use a 27.5" inner tube that fits the width of these tyres, or contact a bike repair shop near you.

If your bike was delivered with a punctured tyre, please contact us at, or contact your retailer if you bought it through one of our partners.

Customer care / returns

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at and we will get back to you promptly.

Contact us at and we will find a solution for you. Under no circumstances will we let you start your Bastille adventure with a damaged bike.

For online purchases, you have 14 days from the date of delivery to notify us of your wish to return the product and request a refund.

If you purchased your bike from one of our partner retailers, you will need to contact them to find out about their return policy.

Yes, it comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, which excludes wearing parts (e.g. brake discs and pads, tyres).

All our bikes are fitted with a "Paravol" identification marking under the frame, next to the serial number. In accordance with French regulation, this information is stored in the Fichier National Unique des Cycles Identifiés (FNUCI), which can be accessed by the French authorities if you report a theft

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