The first 180° tilting seat post, adjustable with one hand.

To have the best compactness when folding, BASTILLE needed to create a saddle that tilts completely backwards. By completely rethinking existing saddle models such as the telescopic seat post, BASTILLE has developed an original, patented saddle that allows adjustment in just a few seconds like no saddle before.

Like the telescopic saddle, the Bastille saddle can be adjusted as desired and with just one hand.

Inspired by the telescopic stem systems that exist on mountain bikes, Bastille wanted to make it easier to adjust its saddle by designing a unique and innovative system.

In order to adapt to any type of route and position, the Bastille bike saddle adjusts with one click and in a few seconds. Whether you prefer a higher position for a straighter ride or a lower position for better aerodynamics, the Bastille seat post offers flexibility that meets everyone's needs.

Like telescopic seat posts, the Bastille saddle offers versatility much appreciated by experienced cyclists. One can easily adjust the height of their saddle according to different terrains and types of riding.
On rough terrain or on fast descents, a lower position allows for better stability and a lower center of gravity. On the other hand, during climbs or smooth sections of road, a raised position optimizes pedaling efficiency.
Saddle raised vertically

A 180° tilting saddle for more compactness.

In its most compact version, the Bastille bike folds on itself into a position called the “O-position”. The frame revolves around its pivots like a clockwork mechanism, the seat post disappears with a simple gesture and the stem unclips as if by magic. The bike can then follow you everywhere: at home, in the office, on the train, in the trunk of a car or in a small elevator.

Innovation at the heart of the Bastille project.

The tilting saddle is one of three patented components of the Bastille bicycle along with the rotating stem and articulated diamond frame. Creator of the famous YOYO stroller , the inventor of BASTILLE puts folding innovation at the heart of his projects to shake up uses with simplicity and high standards. 

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