Reinvent movement.

Our bikes move with you to fit into your life. Our folding mechanism is designed for greater ease of use. Once unfolded, the bike offers a smooth ride. Folded, you will forget it's there.

With the Bastille, choose mobility that's gentle on the body, brings you peace of mind and is respectful of the planet.

Our difference.

The result of 9 years of R&D, several patents, one man's vision and a bit of magic, our bikes transform themselves.

In a matter of seconds and a few simple steps, the bike folds in on itself. Without compromising on performance. Travel anywhere with it and rediscover the pleasure of cycling

Innovation above all else.

Creator of the famous Yoyo stroller, the inventor of the Bastille places folding innovation at the heart of his projects to challenge uses with simplicity and high standards.

Prepare to be surprised. The Bastille is the first bicycle meticulously crafted with the precision and fluidity of clockwork.

French partners of excellence.

To design the best possible bike, we have surrounded ourselves with experts from the cycling industry, including Julien Leyreloup, founder of Cycles Victoire.

The frame is manufactured in the town of Angers by an industrial partner that specialises in aeronautics. Our bikes are then assembled in north-eastern France, by a long-standing player in the mobility sector.