The best wheel size for your bike? 27.5 inches

In the world of cycling, there are several sizes of wheels and when it comes to choosing the size of their bike, many cyclists wonder which one is best for them.

The handling of 27.5 inch bikes

Bikes with 27.5-inch wheels existed and were already equipped by many cyclists in the 1980s. Since then, the market has continued to evolve to offer a combination of improved handling and peak performance. This wheel size is the most widespread and popular among all, but it did not yet exist on the folding bike market.

Bastille offers a bike with 27.5 inch wheels offering stability, comfort and performance , while integrating modern innovations to provide the best riding experience. With a size advantage, the bike folds in seconds like no bike before.

Comparison of bicycle wheel sizes

  • 16-inch bike and 20-inch bike: They are mainly intended for children and young cyclists. Due to their very small size and low load capacity, they are not particularly suitable for adults. 16 and 20 inch folding bikes are less versatile and are more suitable for short trips. The tires are smaller and therefore absorb shocks less well as on the Parisian cobblestones.
  • 24 inch bike and 26 inch bike: 24 and 26 inch folding bikes are necessarily taller but like the 16 and 20 inch, it is a wheel size that remains relatively small and therefore has the same characteristics as their smaller equivalents .

The Bastille bike: the first folding bike with 27.5-inch wheels

Stability and comfort.

The Bastille 27.5 inch folding bike offers great stability compared to folding bikes with smaller wheels.
In fact, it gives its users a larger contact surface with the ground, improves traction and leaves much more stability on uneven terrain, better absorbing vibrations and shocks.

Versatility in uses.

With its 27.5-inch wheels, the Bastille bike provides cyclists with great versatility in use. Whether you're a fan of commuting, weekend rides , road cycling or nature trails, the 27.5 inch wheels can adapt to all needs.

The Bastille large-wheel folding bike seen from above

How to choose the ideal folding bike and wheel size?

In the world of cycling, the question of wheel size is crucial when it comes to choosing the ideal folding bike.

The ambition of the BASTILLE project was to create a folding bike with large wheels without compromising on comfort, elegance and performance. With 27.5 inch wheels, the Bastille is the first big wheel bike that folds in seconds and provides the best riding experience.

The other criterion to take into account when choosing a folding bike is weight. 16, 20, 24 and 26 inch folding bikes generally weigh between 12 and 15 kg. Bastille offers a 27.5-inch bike weighing just 15 kg, providing an ideal combination of performance and lightness to meet the needs of everyday cyclists.

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