Tips for storing your Bastille at home: no need for a wall mount

When it comes to making the daily use of your bike as smooth as possible, choosing storage becomes an important step. It leads us to rethink its location. Once relegated to garages, bicycles are now finding a place inside the home. While wall mounts are commonly used, they may not always be suitable. The Bastille bike stands out by offering a clever and stylish alternative.

The evolution of bicycle storage

Previously relegated to garages, bicycles are now finding a place inside the home. By becoming a real decorative object, the bicycle reinvents itself and takes over entrances and living rooms to combine security against theft and careful aesthetics. Whether hanging on a wall rack or folded up in your entryway, the urban bike is proudly displayed in your interior.

The advantages of storing your bike indoors

Cycling is no longer just a means of transport, but a true way of life. Storing your bike indoors, far from being trivial, becomes a thoughtful choice to preserve its quality and safety.

Tidying up at home allows you to:

  • Protect your bike from bad weather: Protecting your bike from the vagaries of the weather is essential to ensure its longevity. Temperature variations and humidity can alter the quality of components and accelerate the oxidation of metal parts.
  • Protect yourself from theft: Storing your bike inside the home considerably reduces the risk of theft. According to the FUB, more than 400,000 bicycles are stolen each year. fight-counter-flight .”
  • Easy Access: The wall mount facilitates more regular use of the bike, promoting an active lifestyle. By having it within reach tomorrow, its use becomes more natural. The constraints linked to bicycle storage or outdoor parking are thus avoided and make everyday life easier.

The constraints of wall mounts for bicycles.

Choosing a wall mount to store your bike is not free from constraints:

  • Space Constraints: These devices require a dedicated wall, limiting the use of furniture in this area. This can restrict the flexibility of designing your interior space.
  • Installation: Installing a wall mount may require minor work and specific fixings.
  • Weight: For heavy or difficult-to-lift bikes, hooking and unhooking the wall mount may be less convenient.
  • Potential marks: Daily use of a wall mount may cause marks. The tires and handles are likely to leave dirt on the wall during handling.

The Bastille, an easy-to-store bike without a wall mount.

Storing bicycles can sometimes raise organizational questions.
The Bastille is a practical alternative, eliminating the often cumbersome need for traditional wall brackets. It turns out to be a clever choice to combine ease of use and space saving:

  • Unrivaled compactness: Thanks to its folding, the Bastille becomes much more compact than a standard bike. With dimensions of 91 cm x 37 cm, the equivalent of a suitcase, it folds in seconds, providing easy storage in tight spaces.
  • Adaptability: Next to a desk, in the living room or at the entrance, the Bastille fits into everyday life, adapting to each environment without monopolizing space.
  • Lightweight: It is not necessary to carry the Bastille, it can be pulled behind you.
  • Aesthetics: Thanks to its excellent components, the Bastille bicycle is elegant and sits like a real object that naturally finds its place as a centerpiece in a living room.

In just a few seconds, the Bastille becomes an easy-to-store object indoors and can go anywhere with you, without parking constraints.

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