Cycling safety: obligations and advice

Cycling in the city offers a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to getting around. To guarantee a pleasant and safe experience, it is essential to respect a few rules to ensure your safety on the road, and that of others.

What are the security obligations?

Equip yourself well.

Here is the mandatory equipment for cycling, in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of the Interior:

  • Two brakes, front and rear.
  • A yellow or white front light and a red rear light (at night or during the day when visibility is insufficient).
  • A buzzer.
  • Reflectors (retro-reflective devices): red at the rear, white at the front, orange at the sides and on the pedals.
  • Wearing a certified retroreflective vest is mandatory outside built-up areas for any cyclist (and their passenger) traveling at night or when visibility is insufficient.
  • Wearing a helmet. Although wearing a helmet is only mandatory for children under the age of twelve, it is strongly recommended for all cyclists.

Find all the mandatory regulations for cycling on the road safety website .

Our advice for driving safely:

Responsible traffic.

To cycle safely, it is best to use the available cycle paths. Territories are increasingly better designed to facilitate the flow of cyclists, particularly in cities. The French Federation of Bicycle Users (FUB) regularly evaluates the quality of facilities, with the barometer of cycling cities.

Specific rules apply to bicycle users, requiring in particular to indicate any change of direction or overtaking by extending their arm. Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to wear any device capable of emitting sound, such as earphones, earbuds or headphones, to the ear. Likewise, the use of a hand-held telephone is strictly prohibited.

Adapt to all conditions.

The cyclist's equipment must be suitable for all seasons to protect against weather conditions (cold, rain, etc.).

Your bicycle dealer can offer you suitable accessories. For example, protective clothing is essential in case of rain or in winter.

Regular maintenance of your bike also ensures maximum safety.

Find our specific advice for maintaining your bike as best as possible :

The advantages of the Bastille.

The Bastille bike offers a secure solution for getting around town thanks to its high-end components. Equipped with dynamo lights, it provides constant lighting without using batteries. As you pedal, the front wheel hub generates the energy needed to light you up in any situation.

It is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, adopted by cycling experts and the general public alike. This technology guarantees efficient braking whatever the conditions while requiring regular maintenance for continued efficiency.

Bastille's Continental Contact Urban® tires incorporate reflective strips, improving lateral visibility and contributing to increased safety when traveling in the city.

The Bastille is also equipped with a doorbell, in accordance with regulations. This equipment allows you to alert other users of your presence, to anticipate traffic hazards as much as possible.

Finally, the large wheels of the Bastille offer particular stability and more comfort than the smaller wheels. With its 27.5-inch rims and wide tires, the stability of the bike is increased and makes the bike safer, without compromising the pleasure of riding.

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