Folding VTC: Versatility and practicality at the service of your mobility

The folding VTC has become the practical element par excellence which facilitates our mobility, in the city as well as on the urban outskirts. The Bastille, designed to adapt to urban needs, easily transforms into a high-performance men's/women's VTC for escapades in the great outdoors. Thanks to the comfort of Continental Contact Urban tires which are wider than the average urban bike, it offers the possibility of exploring a wider choice of paths in nature or on the road.

Today, the benefits of soft mobility are no longer debated; the bicycle is now anchored in our urban lifestyle. Often mentioned for its practical and utilitarian functionality, it allows you to optimize your travel time between home and work , or simply to move around at any time, whether to have a drink or explore new horizons.

Beyond its efficiency, the bicycle is becoming an increasingly common pretext for pushing the limits of our daily lives and discovering new paths. Which cyclist has never dreamed of going off the beaten track in a light VTC, to discover something new?

Indeed, by moving away from the main roads and motorized networks, we can discover new intramural territories. By taking the small streets, it is possible to rediscover your city in a different way, while traveling smoothly and safely.

The folding VTC takes the key to the fields.

Moving by bike means opting for a new perception of your environment ,” explains Adrien Laplanche, designer and organizer of cycling routes. In the city as well as outside its borders, the bike ride reveals another facet of the territory. “ The people I accompany are always delighted to discover paths around their home picturesque with few cars.
Joining or leaving a station allows you to considerably expand your scope of exploration by avoiding making a loop. The only downside according to Adrien is that in certain seasons, or at certain times, the trains are crowded and places for bicycles are limited. If necessary, you must be able to dismantle them...

Bastille bicycle folded in a car trunk

Designed to follow all your movements in the city, the Bastille will be an accomplice for your further trips. Compact and stable when it follows your steps, its two large wheels folded into a square slide easily into a tight space during transport. From then on, intermodality within the framework of a Sunday dive in the middle of the countryside, which had until now been complex, turns out to be within reach.

Towards intermodality and beyond with the folding VTC.

If the folding VTC allows you to explore the surroundings for a weekend, the Bastille opens up the prospect of leaving at any time, while retaining the qualities and performance specific to a true lightweight men's VTC thanks to the comfort of Continental tires Contact Urban (27.5 inches x 1.6 inches), wider than the average urban bike.

A city bike that can adapt to both urban and forest paths, in short. From then on, walks on country roads or in forests become options compatible with all cycling profiles. Sunday sportsman, lover of picturesque architecture or even a large family: there are as many uses as there are personalities on bikes. A desire to leave in the morning to conquer new natural horizons, mixed with the desire to return by train to see the latest exhibition in the city center, it is a choice that Bastille puts in your hands. You are free to adapt your itineraries to your wildest dreams. This choice of versatility makes Bastille one of the best folding bikes .

It's up to you.

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