Maintenance guide for your bike

Your bike accompanies you as you move around every day. In order to preserve its performance and optimal safety, it is essential to ensure regular maintenance. Our guide offers solutions to simplify the maintenance of your bike and ride with peace of mind.

Why maintain your bike?

Over the kilometers traveled, certain parts wear out, or can go wrong. Tires, brakes and transmission can, for example, be damaged due to friction and external elements .

Zoom on the front tire of the Bastille, folding bike with big wheels

It is necessary to have all sensitive components checked frequently by a cycle specialist. The parts affected by a service will be replaced, repaired or adjusted to ensure maximum safety on the road.

The frequency of servicing depends a lot on how you use the bike. It is strongly recommended to have your bike serviced at least twice a year, or more depending on the kilometers traveled. This involves preventing wear on certain parts, or readjusting certain settings (belt tension, hydraulic brake bleeding, tire pressure, wheel spoke tension, etc.).

Proper cleaning will prolong the life and aesthetics of the components. Use a soft cloth to clean your bike. Steam or high pressure cleaning should be avoided.

The Bastille bike has the advantage of being able to be easily stored indoors, thanks to its unique folding. By being stored away from humidity and possible shocks, the folding bike is a valuable asset to protect you from external elements.

The protective cover is also essential for certain everyday situations. On the train, in the car, add additional protection as many times as necessary to avoid scratches or friction on your bike. The Bastille comes with a tailor-made cover: folded and protected, the folding bike becomes easy-to-take luggage.

Solutions for maintaining your bike:

Specialized workshops

Our bicycle partners support you in the maintenance of your Bastille.

Thanks to their specific knowledge of how it works, they will be able to welcome you and advise you as best as possible. Their expertise covers servicing, maintenance and the choice of parts, if you want to personalize your bike for example. Find all our resellers in France on our site: Find a reseller .

Home repair.

Many specialists make maintaining your bike easier, with at-home repairs. Benefit from a service or necessary maintenance at home or in the office.

Find our top 5 home repairers in Paris on our site.

Ride with peace of mind

Zoom on the Bastille belt, folding bike with big wheels

The Bastille bike is equipped with the best components, to combine performance and reliability.

Demanding on quality and durability, our teams and partners first thought about your daily life. Most of the parts concerned by regular maintenance have been chosen to facilitate their maintenance:

  • A Gates Carbon Drive® transmission belt. The central part of your Bastille, the belt propels you with each pedal revolution without getting dirty. Clean and not requiring grease, it simply needs to be checked regularly by a specialist to remain efficient.
  • Continental Contact Urban® tires : with their wide section, Continental tires provide you with maximum comfort and increased puncture resistance.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes: they are now widely adopted by bicycle specialists, as well as the general public. This system provides braking efficiency in all conditions, and requires regular checking, particularly of the pads, to guarantee driving safety.

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