The Bastille bicycle, the first real bicycle with large wheels that folds.

In the world of bicycles, there are several brands that work on compactness and lightness with folding bikes with small wheels. But few of them had undertaken this somewhat crazy challenge of folding a real bicycle with big wheels. This is what distinguishes Bastille bikes from folding bikes: achieving the technical feat of folding a bike that has the same properties as an excellent urban bike. Discover how a large-wheeled folding bike can transform your everyday mode of transportation into a pleasant, light-hearted experience.

The philosophy of the project: a folding bike with large wheels.

At the start, everything started from an observation. The observation that many urban cyclists live with the fear of having their bikes stolen , the stress of imagining how to park them . The observation also that many would like to switch to cycling in their daily mobility but are slowing down because of these same reasons. The inventor of Bastille has made it his mission to develop the use of bicycles, to get more people on the saddle in their daily lives.

However, to integrate into people's lives, to facilitate their urban travel, it was necessary to remove the obstacles to purchasing. This is what he did after years of research and development, to imagine a bike with the same properties as a good urban bike but with a major advantage, its folding. Thus making Bastille, the first foldable bike with big wheels offering you an exceptional driving experience, whatever the hazards of the city, whether you are a man or a woman.

The magic of folding.

The Bastille bike folds according to your desires, your route of the day and it accompanies you everywhere in your daily life. It must be synonymous with pleasure, its folding must only take a few seconds, two times and three movements. So that with a flick of the hand it unfolds, and a few turns of the wrist it disappears next to you. It was imagined after 8 years of testing, a lot of ingenuity and a little magic. It was necessary to rethink the folding kinematics of a large bicycle, which had never been done to date. Thus, the folding of our bikes is exceptionally fluid, it extends the movements of your body and becomes a simple everyday gesture.

The practicality of the folding bike.

Practicality is an essential aspect of folding bikes, designed above all to be taken everywhere, to follow you on your daily trips while lightening your mind. Bastille is the first foldable bike with big wheels for women and men, its folding is magical and only takes a few seconds. In its “T” position, it can be transported anywhere. Roll it like a suitcase, especially on a station platform, on public transport or in your elevator. In its “O” position, it is in its most compact version and takes the form of two large wheels one on top of the other.

So, you can easily store it under an entrance piece of furniture, at your side in a restaurant, in a car trunk or on the train, protected by its cover . It opens up endless possibilities for you to blend into your daily journey, your lifestyle, like a faithful traveling companion.

Man on bicycle in an urban setting, riding on his Bastille

The comfort of big wheels.

The unique features of our folding bike make it an ideal choice for demanding urban cyclists. One of the most notable aspects of our bike, which sets it apart from regular folding bikes, is the size of its wheels. This is a major advantage for driving in the city and tackling urban obstacles, the large wheels better absorb vibrations and micro shocks from the road and give an impression of smoother driving, they have greater inertia and thus offer better stability for your bike.

Our adult size big wheel folding bike gives you a comfortable, agile and responsive ride. A pleasant experience, with confidence. At Bastille, safety and driving pleasure are priorities so that the daily use of our bikes becomes a matter of course. Offering you a folding bike without compromising on performance or elegance.

Also, our folding bikes have large wheels but they remain light. Thanks to the use of essential quality components such as its aluminum frame, carbon fork, belt, our bike is perfectly equipped for the city without any frills.

In its category of large bikes, the Bastille bike is light, easy to roll behind you and store with you. It frees you from constraints and frees your mind.

The pleasure of riding.

Our mission is to get as many of you as possible on bikes by promising you an optimal riding experience and real comfort on your folding bike. To give you the pleasure of riding, while on a folding bike, we have chosen high quality components to last over time, by your side.

First, the geometry of the frame has been carefully designed in partnership with Cycles Victoire , to offer an ergonomic driving position whatever your size and a natural, active and comfortable posture. A universal frame in its dimensions to adapt to different body shapes and driving preferences. But also elegant in its design and foldable to store anywhere with you.

The saddle offers you good support, a certain rebound to absorb road vibrations and allow you to ride far and for a long time. Choosing a belt ensures smooth pedaling and ensures the durability of your bike, without special maintenance.

Our bike is at the crossroads, it is the first true folding bike with big wheels, without compromise to offer you an exceptional riding experience.

With its innovative design, lightness, comfort and practicality, it meets the needs of today's urban cyclists. Whether you're looking for a convenient transportation solution, a way to get around town quickly, or just an enjoyable riding experience, this folding bike offers all that and more. Unfold it, deploy yourself.

Man in sporty position riding a bastille bike in the forest on the paths

Versatility of uses.

Then, thanks to its large wheels and the quality of its components, our bike is suitable for classic urban use, to get to your home, to your work, or simply to accompany you on a daily basis. But it is also a road partner for weekend walks, in the forest, on steeper paths, and with sportier driving.

Whether you are a regular urban cyclist or a travel enthusiast, this bike has plenty of answers for you.

Its versatility allows you to explore the city with ease, move quickly and efficiently, while enjoying superior comfort and an enjoyable driving experience.

Our bike is at a crossroads, it is the first true foldable bike with big wheels, without compromise to offer you an exceptional riding experience. With its innovative design, lightness, comfort and practicality, it meets the needs of today's urban cyclists.

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