The Bastille stem: pivoting and easily removable.

The Bastille bike is the first big-wheel bike that folds in seconds, like no other bike before it. In order to optimize its compactness, we have developed a patented pivoting and removable stem system which allows easy folding and significant space saving.

The stem, an essential element in choosing a bike.

Just like the seat post , the stem is an essential element in choosing a bike because it has a direct impact on comfort, handling, the cyclist's position and pedaling efficiency.

Smiling woman on her Bastille bike

The cyclist's position:

The stem influences the position of the handlebars in relation to the cyclist's body. A shorter stem will allow for a more upright and comfortable position, while a longer stem will allow for a more aerodynamic, but potentially less comfortable, position over long distances. The Bastille position was designed to be as universal as possible, for comfortable driving . You can change the handlebars at your retailer to adapt your Bastille to your wishes.

Stability and maneuverability:

Stem length and angle impact the stability and handling of the bike. A shorter stem will make the bike more responsive to changes in direction, which may be desirable for riders who prefer a nimble ride. Conversely, a longer stem can provide greater stability, which can be useful for riders looking for a more predictable ride, especially downhill or on technical terrain. The Bastille bicycle stem has been designed for the most versatile use possible, over short distances as well as long ones, on roads and on paths.

Power Transmission: A properly adjusted stem can improve pedaling efficiency by allowing the rider to transfer power from their legs to the pedals more efficiently.

Comfort and performance: The stem plays a key role in finding the right balance between comfort and performance. A cyclist must feel comfortable on their bike to be able to ride for a long time and efficiently. A stem tailored to the rider's body shape and riding style can help improve both comfort and performance.

The Bastille stem, a patented element which allows rapid and compact folding.

Folded Bastille bike, side view, very compact

After several years of research and development, Bastille has developed a bayonet system that allows the stem to be rotated 90 degrees and disconnected and reconnected safely.

In its version folded in the “T” position, the handlebars turned 90 degrees allow you to pull the bike behind you like a suitcase to facilitate travel and avoid carrying. The Bastille rolls discreetly behind you and accompanies you everywhere, in your small elevator, on the terrace of a café or on the platform of a station. In seconds you can unfold it and ride with it.

In its version folded in the “O” position, the handlebars are completely disconnected from the stem and attached to the wheel for a more compact version. The Bastille can then easily be stored in a car trunk, under a desk or on a train, protected by its carrying case.

The Bastille stem also includes a system that allows you to install a smartphone via the SP Connect connector.

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