Bastille: the ideal traveling companion for commuter trips

Vélotaf, a fusion of bicycle and the slang “taf”, has emerged as a growing trend in recent years in France. Nearly 8% of French people have adopted this practice according toa Sport and Cycle study, traveling daily between home and work.

The advantages of cycling in the city.

Why are more and more people becoming fans of cycling? The commuter bike, costing on average €0.58 for a 4 km journey, is ten times cheaper than the car, according to a study by Union Sport et Cycle and Altis Play. In addition to savings, 42% of active city dwellers believe they have better control over their time by opting for cycling. This practice, in addition to being a sporting activity, increases employee productivity by 12% on average, thanks to the absence of stress linked to traffic jams. In addition, Vélotaf contributes to reducing the carbon footprint, emitting only 20 g of CO² for a 10 km journey by electrically assisted bicycle, compared to 1.9 kg in a thermal car. 

woman waiting for her rer with the bike

Of course, switching to exclusive cycling involves taking up some challenges in the daily life of urban dwellers, but between choosing and giving up, cycle commuters occupy the camp of autonomy of the movement chosen in all weathers.

The challenges of exclusive cycling.

However, some challenges stand in the way of the good will of cyclists. Among them, the issue of parking is a major challenge. It happens that users are often forced to look for restricted spaces, sometimes non-existent, to park their bikes, or even finish their journey on foot.

At the same time, the problem of theft remains the bane of commuters. And while precautions are required, such as the use of safety devices, nothing guarantees absolute protection.

Hybrid cycling? Choose your route without stress.

The Bastille bicycle embodies an efficient and uncompromising response to the contemporary challenge of work-life balance. For a working person living on the urban outskirts and subject to restrictive train timetables, the fear of having their bike stolen at a station is a stress factor. Designed to compensate for this type of inconvenience, Bastille offers the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen events and planning needs. In two 'clacks' and a turn of the hand, it folds and unfolds very simply and opens up the field of possibilities: having a drink with friends at the end of the day, covering the last kilometers in the event of a train interruption, or even listen to the voice of reason and return to the warmth of transport or taxi. A practical extension of all our actions, the Bastille concept is due to its ability to follow the user everywhere, all the time. 

Bastille and Vélotaf: on the road to multimodality.

Man riding a bicycle on the street

Designed to simplify everyday life, the Bastille bike adapts to the mood and needs of its owner. For a remote worker with frequent travel between Paris, the suburbs and a provincial town, Bastille transforms daily organization into a calming travel experience.

Saving time during business trips, avoiding parking hassles, or quickly accessing difficult areas become clear advantages. The Bastille offers valuable freedom of movement, both personally and professionally, allowing optimized days and unique adventures, where each individual becomes the protagonist of their own cycle.

In the whirlwind of economic, environmental and personal benefits of Vélotaf, the Bastille becomes more than just a bicycle: it aspires to release constraints, unlock possibilities. Perhaps it will echo a reimagined urban life.

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