Folding bike cover: ease of transport, SNCF law and optimal protection.

The folding bike is a practical and versatile means of transportation, but when it comes to transporting it, important considerations come into play. Whether one uses public transportation, such as the SNCF, or wants to Simply protecting your bike when it is stored, a folding bike cover is an essential accessory. The Bastille bicycle is delivered with its tailor-made transport cover, to facilitate its use in transport and simplify its use.

The folding bike, incomparable ease of transport.

The Bastille transported in its cover on a station platform

One of the major advantages of a folding bike is its ease of transport. The Bastille bicycle has also been designed so that you can pull it behind you like a suitcase when it is folded to facilitate travel in train stations in particular.

In certain public transport, such as the RER, the Bastille bicycle folded in its most compact version (position O) proves very practical. On the other hand, for train journeys, the use of a cover is strongly recommended, or even obligatory on certain journeys.

By wrapping your bike in a dedicated cover, you protect it from possible damage and make it easier to transport. Folding bike covers are specially designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to carry. They allow you to store your folding bike securely and discreetly. The particularity of the Bastille cover is its ease of use. For simplicity, we have imagined the most practical solution: a cover which is placed on the ground under the bike for quick and efficient closing from the top.

Comply with SNCF law for a smooth and pleasant journey.

To travel with your folding bike using SNCF services, it is essential to respect the regulations in force . The SNCF law requires that folding bicycles be folded and stored in a specific cover when transported on trains. A folding bike cover helps you meet these requirements. By using a suitable cover, we avoid problems and complications during transport, and we ensure a smooth and pleasant travel experience.

Protect your bike by storing it at home.

Protecting your folding bike is a priority, whether during transport or when stored at home or in the office. The Bastille bicycle in its most compact folded version blends easily into an urban environment: stored under a piece of furniture in the entrance to an apartment, stored in the hallway or in an apartment living room.

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