How long does it take to fold a folding bike?

When you choose to buy a folding bike, you must familiarize yourself with folding/unfolding it. Many folding bike owners enjoy demonstrating their bike.

Whether it's a minute or a few seconds, the speed of the folding process helps make these bikes practical and suitable for urban life. When it comes to choosing the best folding bike , folding time is an important factor to consider. However, in order to truly understand the time required for this operation, it is appropriate to explore the different folding techniques to understand their mechanisms.

The Folding Challenge

Folding bikes are designed to be both compact and easy to transport. However, each model has its particularities in terms of folding:

  • Horizontal folding or side folding (Dahon, Giant Halfway)
  • Vertical folding, “travel bed” type: it is the center, which once pulled upwards, engages the folding system (Mobiky)
  • Accordion folding (Brompton)
  • Folding under the frame (Birdy)
  • Disassembly (Moulton, Strida)
  • Pyramid folding (BASTILLE)

Many cyclists are happy to demonstrate when asked. The folding time announced by different brands varies between 7 and 20 seconds.

    The Bastille folding

    The Bastille bike folds like no other bike before it. Each of its components has been carefully selected to provide a pleasant folding experience. The three Bastille patents: seat post, frame and stem come to life with fluidity and simplicity.


    Good folding isn't just about being efficient; it must also be simple, fluid and even spectacular. The action of folding and unfolding must be carried out with economy of movement, in just a few seconds. Folding then becomes an element of pleasure rather than a simple technical operation.

    At BASTILLE, folding serves the product and not the other way around. The Bastille bike folds as you wish, adapting to your daily journey.

    How to learn to fold and unfold your bike?

    When considering purchasing a folding bike, it is essential to master the art of folding and unfolding. To do this, here are some practical tips:

    • Go to a bicycle dealer. They will be able to explain the steps of folding and unfolding and advise you on the model best suited to your uses.
    • Check out online tutorials: Many brands offer video tutorials on their websites.
    • Repeat the operation: once the steps are understood, you must practice them again and again. Repetition allows you to acquire ease and speed.

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