With or without a kickstand, the Bastille bike accompanies you everywhere

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or an amateur, choosing the kickstand for your bike is an important decision. The kickstand plays an essential role in ensuring the stability of the bike when stopping.

The bicycle kickstand.

When you stop and want to park your bike, using a crutch is useful to ensure its stability when stationary. It keeps it in a vertical position, without fear of it falling, thus avoiding falls and scratches against rough surfaces.

The bicycle kickstand is particularly recommended to ensure it holds when there is an additional load on it, such as panniers or a baby seat.

The different types of crutch.

There are several types of kickstand available on the market to adapt to all bikes:
  • The side stand: Attached to the side of the bike, this stand extends downward to support the bike when it is stationary.
  • The central stand: Installed under the bike frame, this stand provides additional stability by supporting the weight of the bike in the center.
  • The double kickstand: This type of kickstand is equipped with two legs, offering maximum stability, especially for loaded bikes or electric bikes.
  • The adjustable kickstand: Designed to adapt to different bike sizes, this kickstand can be adjusted in length to provide optimal support.

How to choose the right crutch?

When choosing a bicycle kickstand, it is important to take into account several criteria to ensure you choose the model best suited to your needs:

Adult folding bike with crutch Bastille folded
  • Load Capacity: Know the maximum load capacity of the crutch to ensure how much weight it can support.
  • Mounting type: Choose a mounting type that suits the bike and riding style, whether it's a frame mount, bottom bracket mount, or rear wheel axle mount.
  • Intended use of the bicycle: Depending on riding habits and certain needs, the need for a single or double kickstand must be determined.

The BASTILLE crutch.

The advantage of the Bastille bike is its quick folding. In less than 10 seconds, your bike folds on itself and remains stable in an upright position.

There are two folding positions. The so-called “T” position which allows you to pull your bike behind you, like a suitcase. And the “O” position, more compact which

allows it to be stored at home or easily slipped into the trunk of a car or luggage compartment.

The Bastille can also be equipped with a kickstand. To avoid hindering folding, you should use the kickstand compatible with our bike, available for sale on our site as well as from our partner resellers.

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